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Andy V Taylor 


I was born in Sydney and grew up near Balmoral beach. I have always been an artist.  My artwork is collected both nationally and internationally and I have exhibited in some of Sydney's leading galleries and shown at major Art fairs. In 2011 I moved abroad. . 

After doing some more study and living in England for seven years, I returned to Australia in 2019, reinvigorated and seeing my home in a new light, I established my own studio: 'Coast and Harbour Gallery' - my vision was to provide collectors with the unique opportunity to buy fine art direct from the artist. In doing this I would receive the invaluable gift of finding out where my art was going and forming relationships with collectors. Most of the pieces I now do are commissions and in many ways, the creation of the artwork is a partnership with the collector.: It is an exciting fun and incredibly rewarding process. 


Art is deeply personal and my intention is to paint pieces that bring joy and represent love. I focus on beauty, colour, light, playfulness, and our common connection to place. With the exception of the occasional charity exhibition, I don't have the time or inclination to enter the various art prizes. and keep it pretty simple. 

Finally, joy-pop is my style. I made the name up so you're free to interpret the meaning any way you want  






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